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Making the Switch: Jen's Story

I think I speak for all parents reading this. When it comes to the health and well-being of our children, we will do whatever it takes. Sacrifices made to bring healing are nothing compared to the reward of meeting the smallest of milestones or having a normal bowel movement! Today we are hearing from a fellow mamma bear. Jen and her husband have had their share of challenges and have faced them head on with a modified diet and help from above—much the same way my husband and I have gone about dealing with Miles' health. Jen, 39, admits that "going grain free was no easy task...especially for a gluten-loving Italian. No pasta?! NO BREAD?!?  Are you kidding?  Fugettaboutit." But they did and it has made a huge difference in their daughter's health.


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Preserving the Harvest Party

What a bountiful harvest we're having this year. The sugar snap peas were perfectly crisp, the spinach mild and tender, the corn bursting with sweetness, and winter squash is coming on. 

Sigh ... I wish I could say I grew it all.

One day this nomadic family will put down roots—literally and figuratively—and will get back to the soil. For today, our "garden" is made up of three pots of hail-blasted herbs. For produce, we rely on local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and small family farms...

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Making the Switch: Seek's Story



This week's Making the Switch contributor is Seeks. Seeks, 33, lives with her husband in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the course of many years, she has learned the importance of being in tune with her body's strengths and limitations. I thank her for sharing her story and some great tips for Making the Switch.


Not everyone changes their diet to lose weight. I think that many people forget that when you tell them that you have dietary restrictions. As my aunt once put it, “You look fine, but you aren’t fine.” I’ve never been a big person; I’ve known toddlers to weigh as much as I did when I was in the fifth grade. Even now, the juniors section in stores can be my best wardrobe source.


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"Whole Grain" Gluten-Free Tortillas

 Yesterday I just wanted an honest to goodness white flour tortilla. Was that so much to ask? These were a pretty decent gluten-free substitute. Anyone care to test drive this recipe and critique?

“Eat what you shoot” takes on a whole new meaning to a food blogger. When you’ve come up with what looks like a winning recipe, the last thing you—or those pounding fists at the table—want to do is ……….WAIT. Wait for the food arranging, the propping, the lighting adjustments, the “snap.”

So it was with these tortillas.

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Making the Switch: Angie's Story

This week it is my pleasure to introduce Angie. Angie is a 35 year-old Provo, Utah wife and mother of three girls. When Angie wrote and expressed interest in being featured on Making the Switch, I knew it was meant to be. That very week I needed to hear her story for two reasons. Two days prior, my mom had been told by her doctor that she was pre-diabetic! WHAT?! She is the picture of perfect health! And then earlier this year my 64 year-old father checked himself into the ER (for what he thought was bronchitis) and checked out three days later with a stent and a piece of paper in hand with the diagnoses of: 1) Congestive Heart Failure, 2) Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension and 4) Type II Diabetes. No one, including himself, knew how sick he was. Following his discharge this is what he wrote to family and friends. "The prognosis for congestive heart failure is from 1 to 8 years. Since we caught this thing quite early, I believe that I have a few more years to relax, get things sold off ...

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