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How to Make a Vision Board

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Last Friday my neighbor and one of my dearest friends, Hannah, hosted a Vision Board Party. It was one of the best evenings out I've had in a long, long time. Close to midnight we said our farewells. I stepped out into the dark, a cold wind against my face and I felt energized! More than that, I felt inspired and renewed. Who would have thought a stack of magazines, a couple of glue sticks, a bottle of red, and the company of some amazing women would have left me feeling that way?

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Cherry Lime Chia Fresca

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Cherry Lime Chia Fresca; easy to make, fun to drink.

Welcome to the Final Week of New Year, New You!

It is the fourth and final week of New Year, New You!—a January blog event created to inspire you to make and sustain healthy changes in 2012. A big thank you to Hallie of Daily Bites for pulling this event together. I have learned so much!

Today's theme is "Stay Hydrated." For bucketfuls of great tips and recipes that tie into this theme, be sure to head on over to the following blogs.

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Alternative Sweeteners & Candied Walnuts

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Candied Walnuts made with coconut sugar, water, and a pinch of salt.

Welcome to Week Three of New Year, New You!

It's the third week of New Year, New You!—a January blog event created to inspire you to make and sustain healthy changes in 2012. Today we have a “sweet” line-up of bloggers sharing recipes and tips on how to “Swap Your Sweeteners.” I can’t wait to read them all! These ladies are among the most talented recipe developers in the blogosphere using alternative sweeteners. Their blogs are ones I visit weekly and turn to regularly for recipes. While you are visiting Hallie’s site, be sure to enter to win a gift pack of natural sweeteners from Wholesome Sweeteners.

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Gluten-Free Sesame Snack Bars

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Today I would like to spotlight a great new blog—The Balanced Platter.

The Balanced Platter is the brainchild of the lovely Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free and Maggie of She Let Them Eat Cake. One day while chatting on Skype, Maggie and Amy decided that the world needed a place to go for reliable, comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-access information about balanced, healthy living. So, they gathered up some of the brightest and most passionate bloggers they knew and The Balanced Platter was born.

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What is Pinterest?

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This is my Pinterest page. My hobby is cooking, so I've got boards chock-full of food images that link to my favorite online recipes. Your thing may be knitting or gardening ... whatever your interest(s) you can make pin boards of the things YOU love.

Has Pinterest piqued your interest? Wondering what the hype is all about? Or are you already addicted? And why is this food blogger talking about Pinterest and not posting about food?


Pinterest has become the best way for me to visually organize recipes (and more) that I discover online and don't want to lose.  I've got bulletin boards for my favorite meals, appetizers, gluten-free brownies—and my latest, "My Fascination with Dessert Shots." But wait, it doesn't stop there. I've created boards that capture DIY projects I want to try, kitchen designs I swoon over, and sayings that motivate me. You have to experience Pinterest to truly appreciate it and in hopes of giving you an idea for what Pinterest is and what it's all about, here is a little primer from fellow blogger, Nicole, of The Pixel Boutique. I asked Nicole if she would guest post on the topic, and she said YES!

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