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GFCF Camping

I love it when I meet a "warrior mom" and that's exactly how I would describe Kim Rice—Wellness Coach and Certified Gluten Practitioner from Pleasanton, California.

Kim has been on an incredible journey back to health. Today she shares about her journey on her site Thriving Gluten-Free where she writes on the topics of gluten sensitivity, autism, depression, and life transformation. Kim facilitates a popular 30-day cleanse program to help her clients lose weight and optimize their health. She coaches parents of children with special needs, such as autism and ADHD, on dietary changes to help optimize brain function. 
Kim is a "warrior mom" in the best sense of the word.
Kim recently posted about camping on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet—a post that caught my attention and that offers a bucket load of tips on camping with GFCF kids. I've bookmarked the post and think you might want to as well after reading it!
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Banana Split Freezer Pops

Today I have a very sweet lady here to share a sweet freezer treat. Lisa, is a former highschool teacher turned stay-at-home mom/writer from Ontario, Canada. Three years ago, she started writing the blog Pocketfuls as a means of nurturing several of her passions. She shares her observations and reflections on daily life, warm and humorous stories about her boys, and recipes (tasty recipes) she's developed for delicious and healthy eats made without gluten, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar. 

Back in 2011 Lisa was featured here on Lexie's Kitchen where she shared her story and tips for Making the Switch from processed to pure foods. 

I am so glad to have her back and to give her Banana Split Freezer Pops some added exposure. 

The idea for these gluten-free and vegan banana split freezer pops came to Lisa on a recent hot summery afternoon when her family was wishing for a frosty treat to help cool them off. They're made with a variety of fresh fruits and some coconut milk, have no added sugar, and are finished off with a drizzle of dark chocolate and a sprinkling of walnuts.

For the recipe, click here! Enjoy!!


Lillian's Test Kitchen Goes Strawberries!

Have you met Lillian? It's high time you did.

Lillian is the host/producer behind the vlog site Lillian's Test Kitchen, and she's got a great gig going. What Lillian does is take people's lovingly created recipes and makes them for the very first time on camera! She is a riot and a ton of fun to watch. Each episode is an adventure because she never knows how it's all going to turn out.

Today Lillian has selected three winning recipe videos to share here at Lexie's Kitchen—and each involves strawberries in some form or fashion—perfect as for many of us strawberries are ripe for the picking in our gardens.

Get the recipe for the Raw Strawberry Cream Shake here.
Get the recipe for the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie here.
Get the recipe for Strawberry Shortcake here.


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Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

I am so happy to have Hallie Klecker here sharing a tasty smoothie! Hallie is one of the healthiest food bloggers out there. Visits to her gluten-free food blog Daily Bites always leave me inspired. From her kitchen in Madison, Wisconsin she shares her enthusiasm for cooking with whole, natural, unrefined foods.

Hallie is the author/co-author of 4 books! She's one busy lady (I can't even seem to crank out ONE!) Check out these titles:

Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free: A Whole Food Starter Guide and Cookbook

All of her books are gluten- and dairy-free and spotlight pure and wholesome ingredients.

Along the lines of pure and wholesome, this is one of Hallie's favorite breakfast smoothies for summer mornings. Cashews add a luxuriously creamy quality to the smoothie that will have you going back for sip after sip! You'll never guess that it's dairy-free and sweetened naturally with nothing but fruit. Pour the smoothie into popsicle molds and make dairy-free Strawberry Lemonade Ice Pops. A summer treat the kids will beg for. Here is THE RECIPE.

Thank you Hallie for sharing today!

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Beyond Bacon Left Me Breathless

I am a lover of beautiful things and something beautiful—stunningly gorgeous—came in the mail this week. 

Maybe it's the graphic designer in me that drove me to write this review without even trying a recipe in the book. Yep, I think that's it. Seriously people, Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes That Respect the Whole Hog is a feast for the eyes AND for the belly. 

So here I am reviewing a book without even test driving it—but I feel okay with it (my kitchen is packed up anyhow ... we are moving .... weeeee!), because I am certain ... CERTAIN ... that if you have an appreciation for all things pork (and not everyone does and that's okay, too), that you will love this book and will read it cover-to-cover in one sitting

Authors Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry are the voices behind the blog Paleo Parents. They are witnesses to the healing power of food—clean food. They were featured here on Lexie's Kitchen a couple years back to share part of their story

This soon-to-release title is a vast departure from their first kid book Eat Like a Dinosaur. They call Beyond Bacon the grown-up version of how they see food. I appreciate it because it encourages the consumption of humanely raised meats and shows you how to use every part of the animal—from nose-to-tail—a lost art. It also goes into some "serious science on the health benefits and 'hazards' of pork and saturated fat," and delivers some recipes that will knock your socks off. I felt stuffed just reading the book—it's all pork my friends—all pork. I can't wait to show it to my husband. I am thinking belated Father's Day gift?

For a taste of the book, here is a recipe for Asian Short Ribs. Pretty pictures. Pretty (and easy to follow) layout. Don't you think? It leaves the designer in me swooning!

Click to enlarge.

Hats off to Stacy and Matthew, Victory Belt Press, and food photographer, Aimee Buxton. Stacy, your book design direction and photo styling just blew me away. Simply amazing cookbook folks!

Beyond Bacon releases July 2, 2013. Pre-order now!