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So Delicious® Dairy-Free Recipe Contest

The So Delicious Dairy-Free 2013 Recipe Contest has kicked off over at Go Dairy Free and the big prize up for grabs—a $500 Wllliams-Sonoma gift card!

Go Dairy Free and So Delicious have teamed up and are looking for the tastiest recipes made using any one or more So Delicious nondairy products.

This contest is open to everyone. Enter here.

To view entries that have been submitted and to vote for your favorites, visit (and follow) the So Delicious Dairy-Free 2013 Recipe Contest Board over on Pinterest. 

I use So Delicious products in some of my favorite sweet treats. I've rounded them up for you here. Enjoy ... and they'll never know that these goodies are dairy-free!

Dairy-Free Peach and Cherry Yogurt Pops

Click here for the recipe.

Dairy-Free Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes

Click here for the recipe.

5-Minute Mug Brownie

Click here for the recipe. 

Passion Fruit (Lilikoi) Cheesecake Parfaits

Click here for the recipe.

Reader Comments (1)

I thought that So Delicious used carageenen as a stabilizer. There are some new studies out that show carageenen to cause cancer in children. It is derived from seaweed but the processing changes the properties too much. Just my understanding, anyway.


Hi Ceitllyn,

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts.

Our family has chosen to enjoy certain foods in moderation. Where we can, we take the middle path (we are neither Paleo nor Vegan, etc.). There is already so much that we have to avoid, that for us, we allow a little bending here and there.

I have written to So Delicious about the possibility of using some thickener/stabilizer other than carrageenen ... to which they responded that they deemed it "safe" but will consider my request. I am aware of the this ingredient in their products but will still purchase it on occasion. Some researchers recommend avoiding it if you have gastrointestinal symptoms.

I find it ironic that so many "whole" and healthy foods have some kind of vice attached to them:

Flax - phytoestrogen
Spinach - oxalates
Nuts - phytic acid and oxalates
Chicken bone broth - lead (this one will surely be the next big hype)
Brown rice - arsenic
Dairy - casein (for those who cannot tolerate it)
Gluten grains - well, gluten (for those who cannot tolerate it)
Soy - Phyto estrogen and a handful of other arguments against it
Grapeseed oil - inflammatory
Eggs - healthy but DON'T FRY THEM or cook at high heat, oh and don't forget the choline that the liver quickly converts to TMAO
Red meat - carnitine (was in the news yesterday ... and the liver converts this to TMAO, too.
Palm oil - deforestation and a threat to oragatans

And the list goes on.

I cook from scratch most of the time and choose the foods/products that are a right fit for my family. Some of these are commercially prepared. I think I would lose my sanity .... having to cook the way I do AND on top of that restricting our diet even more.

I encourage everyone to make the choices that are right your you and your family's health needs. I use all of the above "whole" foods in moderation. And I will continue to use So Delicious products in moderation, too.


April 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCeitllyn

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