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A Salute to My Brother

My hunky little brother, all 6’3” of him, loves his “local kine” Hawaiian food. In Hawaiian diners, a plate lunch special is usually served with three starches: white rice, macaroni salad and either fried wheat noodles or white Wonder® bread and brown gravy (from a can). Following the dining experience one may succumb to a carb-induced coma.

Well, my little brother is out of the Marine Corps today (at 8 am PST!), after 5 honorable years of service, and will be in my clutches soon for dietary re-education! He remembers there being the Hawaiian plate lunch shop, L&Ls, in Denver and he’s a big fan of their Teriyaki BBQ Plate. Well, before Denver, he is stopping by our place where he’ll be welcomed with Lexie’s version of the Teriyaki BBQ Plate. He will be so impressed with this healthier version of the plate lunch that he will convert to our gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, low-sugar way of eating! Ha! (Actually, he is very good about what he eats, never snacks, flosses even; and is available, girls!).

Nick, your big sister is so proud of you. Thank you for following in the footsteps of the men and women in our family. A heartfelt thanks to all who continue in their service. I love you brother!

See the two posts that follow for recipes for Teriyaki BBQ Chicken and Gluten-Free Potato and Mac Salad


Reader Comments (2)

Hi Lexie -- I love this post! My brother is in the army, too! It's really difficult sometimes but we are so proud of him, as I know you are of your bro. Congrats to him on finishing 5 years of service.

Phew! Yes, I am sighing with relief.

May 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBeth

sweet am I famous now???? thanks sista. P.S. this one time I had a BBQ chicken plate I got 3 sides of mac salad instead of the rice and cabbage nonsense. THAT is what I call committing carb-a-cide!

THAT'S my brother! Enjoy Yosemite! Love to all.


May 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNick

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