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Bison, Broccoli & Celery Root Stir-Fry

Our family is finding that it really likes bison! It started with Bison Sliders and then tonight a stir-fry. Just before taking his last bite, I asked my husband if he could tell what kind of meat it was. Nope.

It was a few weeks back that I grabbed some of the more odd looking produce at the grocery store determined to figure out how to cook it. So, I had celery root in the fridge and thought I would add that to the stir-fry along with some other straggler veggies before they went bad.

Please note: Bison can differ in taste. We bought some bison sausage at Costco and it was just awful. Apologies to the sausage maker for a lousy review, but they tasted really bad. We threw them in the trash.

Mix in bowl and marinate in refrigerator for 1-3 hours:

1 pound BISON SIRLOIN STEAK (sliced thin and against the grain)
2 tablespoons ARROWROOT STARCH
1/2 teaspoon RICE WINE VINEGAR

Chop and reserve:

2 cups thinly sliced BROCCOLI
1 small ONION sliced into wedges
Handful of julienned CELERY ROOT
Handful of sliced BOK CHOY
Handful of sliced PURPLE CABBAGE

In hot wok, saute for one minute:

1 tablespoon GRAPESEED OIL
1 roughly chopped GARLIC CLOVE

Add bison to wok. Brown and set aside. Add broccoli, onion and celery root to wok (and more oil if needed). Toss and saute 3-5 minutes. Add rest of the veggies to wok along with 1/3 cup water. Cover and sweat veggies for a 2-3 minutes until desired crispness. Add beef back along with the following mixture:

2 tablespoons WHITE COOKING WINE
1 teaspoon HONEY
A dash of SESAME OIL
1/2 teaspoon grated GINGER

Serve alone or with rice.

MODIFIED DIET CONSIDERATIONS: This would make a nice ACD dinner. For early ACD stagers omit the rice, honey, and possibly arrowroot starch.

Reader Comments (3)

I've never had bison but always wondered what it tastes like. I guess I'll have to get brave and give it a try. Last year I experimented with all kinds of new veggies - first year with a CSA. Having someone pick the veggies for you makes you get out of your cooking comfort zone. About to start picking up from the CSA again. Can't wait.

Hi Nancy, bison isn't at all what I had expected. It's quite mild and so much leaner than beef. We have a small health food store here that just started carrying another brand which has been superb. It's the only place I have found that carries such a variety of cuts: stew meat, ground, sirloin, breakfast & Italian sausage, and roasts. I wonder how you go about finding a variety of bison cuts in states outside of the Rockies and Plains? Maybe a local butcher shop? Good luck and I HOPE you find some. Our CSA starts up in May (Wellington, CO) and am so excited, too! Can't wait to get the boys "working the farm" — we'll contribute 18 hours of work for a small discount. I'd do it for free!


Would you explain what the aminos are used for in your recipes - is it necessary to add for the flavor/marinading or are you doing it as a nutritional boost. Thanks.

February 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJackie

Jackie, Liquid aminos are sometimes what I use in place of gluten-free soy sauce. Soy sauce is just fine to use in its place. Hope the helps. Here's some info on liquid aminos. http://bragg.com/products/la.html


February 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLexie

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