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A Gluten-Free Potluck

Foggy morning on the Wyoming/Colorado state line.

This was my day: Woke up, made coconut whipped cream and threw in fridge to chill. Put on my jacket, my boots and headed next door to feed the neighbor's dog. Came home couldn't find a thing to wear (to the big event). Husband started laundry pronto! I have a good husband, he does the laundry (because I don't do it right ... fine by me). Son #2 sounded sniffly ... visions of another asthma attack swirled in my head, but no time for thinking about that (had to get to the big event). Pulled mini pumpkin pies out of the fridge, arranged on a platter. Loaded the car. Hit the road.

It was a beautiful morning. A low fog had left every tree branch coated in frozen dew. 90 miles to go—Cheyenne to Boulder—for the big event. Had to stop just across the state line to take some pictures (see above). Drivers probably were mumbling (or shouting) about that nutty, photo-takin' woman.

Back on the road.

Exited I-25 at Longmont, pulled into the parking lot of the church where the big event was being held. Grabbed two platters, camera, purse and whipped cream and made my way into the church ... and there it was, the BIG EVENT.

What was the big event? A gluten-free potluck hosted by none other than Shauna and Danny Aherns, the duo behind the blog Gluten Free Girl and the new cookbook, Gluten Free Girl and the Chef.

We ate, we chatted, we ate more. Shauna signed books. I caught up with my dear blogging friend Kelly Brozyna (The Spunky Coconut) and her lovely husband Andy and girls. Psst! Kelly has been writing her second cookbook and it's launching really REALLY soon!

Said goodbyes. Stopped by a couple stores (no kids in tow so why not!?) in search of jeans. No luck. Ate at Mad Greens. Back on the road to Cheyenne (isn't that a country song?). Home to find husband had had enough of the boys. I take over and get them ready for bed.

I count my blessings and remind myself of all I have to be thankful for (this is "thankful" week right?). Husband, children, home, job, health and all you readers of this blog.

And if there are typos in this post, I am thankful that you really don't care. I'm bushed! :)

XOXO and Goodnight!


Me and Shauna Ahern

Reader Comments (5)

COOL! Thanks for sharing this, I loved reading it!

November 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaggie

Hey Lexie! Girl, you amaze me ... I think you'll go any distance for a gluten-free event! ;-) Of course, that event was definitely a big incentive to get all one's ducks in a row and GO! Great photo of you with Shauna, so glad you got to see Kelly and her family, and woohoo for some alone time, too. Then you went home and "relieved" your hubby and the happy, every day life started again, right? We all have much to be thankful for, don't we? My husband doesn't do laundry, but he rubs feet, cuts firewood and stacks it on my porch and more. So I'm grateful for him, too. Happy Thanksgiving, Lexie!



Awww Shirley! I will tell you that Kelly and I spoke at length about you, your lovely spirit, kindness and generosity in sharing your experiences and wisdom. The Gluten-free world would not be the same without you. THANK YOU for all you do! And I would gladly take the laundry back over if it meant foot rubs. You've got a keeper there : )

Love you!

November 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShirley @ gfe

I.LOVE.THIS. What a wonderful post, my friend. Your writing in this was beautiful. I so wish I could have been there. It sounded like a wonderful event. I so hope you all have an absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!
Oh, and I was at a silent auction last night, and I was trying to bid on a trip to Jackson Hole for a week long ski vacation. I kept thinking if I won how we could meet up (although it was not until I looked on the map when i got home that I realized that that is actually about 300 miles from you, LOL). Bummer is that I did not win. Was not willing to shell out $2000 (not including the airfare).
And p.s. So lucky that hubby does laundry. Mine will fold and put away, but will not run the machine. hehe

November 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKim @ Cook It Allergy Free

You made my day by driving all the way to Boulder from Cheyenne! When I first saw you, poor Lu was in the middle of an overtired meltdown, so I was flustered. It was so good to see you. What a lovely day. Also, you have to post the recipe for the mini pumpkin pies. Everyone loved them!


Look LOOK everyone, Shauna (Gluten Free Girl) has left me a comment. I am not worthy! Ha!

Shauna -

Hey there! I sure hope all three of you have had a chance to breathe and re-group. Wow, what a week and Lu was a trooper.

I hope you made many memories on your trip. I wouldn't have missed that gathering!

The pie is up on your Thanksgiving post. That was my contribution. Let me know if I need to post the recipe somewhere else. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Did you try the pomegranate chocolates? Do you know who brought those. I gotta know. :) They were divine! I am going to make them tomorrow and want to give credit where credit is due.

Hugs, rest up and enjoy your week. So much to be thankful for.


November 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShauna

WOOT! I love this post Lex, absolute f.u.n! This is a great shot of you and Shauna and I love the gloomy photo you took on the CO/WY border. What is it about the gloomy days that are just yummy cozy?

BTW, I don't do laundry either, my folding drives Mike nuts. ;-)


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